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Personally recently found,my recommended YouTuber, “Shinrei Kagaku Tyousa-tai = Psychic Science Investigation Corps”

Their style of psychic science research is delivering images by Mr. Danger wearing a hockey mask and Mr. Psychic who is an intellectual but funny man.
They are YouTuber who goes to the spiritual spot and does its own mission and distributes the video.

Sometimes Vaudeville duo movies, but they are doing an interesting mission seeking psychic phenomena each time.

Currently, the number of registrants is 1800.
I expect them. From now on I want them to carry out interesting missions other than spirits.

The trade-in price of iPhineSE was 14,000 yen (0 yen in case of submersion) · · ·

iPhone’s new product, iPhone 8 will be released on September 22. iPhoneX will be released on November 3.
Because camera performance is attractive, I think I want it, but the price is high …
The price is about the same as 4K video camera.
Of course, I think that I am natural.
The iPhone can shoot 4K video with built-in camera. And it’s easy to edit with applications.

Well, I think that it is unlikely that I will not use the iPhoneSE I have now, rather than that.
When I trade-in iPhoneSE, I thought how much it would cost, looked for Apple’s trade-in WEB page.
However, I could not find the trade-in price of my iPhoneSE.

On this WEB site, the purchase price of iPhone 6s is a maximum of 23,500 yen.
Well, I thought that this degree was the upper limit.
I assessed iPhineSE at another purchase site was 14,000 yen …

In the case of water wetness, submersion, the assessed amount is 0 yen.
Well, that’s right.

If it is this feeling, is it going to go up to 20,000 yen or not going?