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Lighting to mount on gimbals for smartphone. Is this impossible?

It is personal impression. I think that purchasing a smartphone gimbal “Smooth-C” is the correct answer.

Besides smart phones, I was able to mount an action camera on a gimbal.
Also I could mount a small LED lighting.

But … when I took a picture in a darker place, I was thinking what type of lighting could be used.
This is the item I looked for in the Amazon catalog.

The reason I thought that was good is that the tripod hole is on the top and bottom.
This can be mounted directly on the Gimbal’s smartphone adapter.

Another item I think is good is this.
Lightweight and rechargeable. It can be used as a video light.

But, the light for bicycle purchased the other day.
This is also bright light with 1200 lumens.
I thought that I could use it for video shooting.

I thought so, I mounted it on a gimbal.
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I bought an external microphone for iPhoneSE “K & F Concept condenser microphone”

Every time I take a movie with iPhone, I think “I want to record a little more clear sound.”
Well, the iPhone microphone is a type that records ambient voices widely.
So, sound nearby is recorded clearly, distant sounds are recorded small.
This is a normal system.

When I was looking for a good microphone for iPhone, I found an interesting microphone in Amazon.

【Applicable models】: iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 5 S / iPhone 5 C / iPhone 5 / iPhone 4 S / iPhone 4 / iPad / iPad Air / iPad mini / iPod touch, Samsung and other Android smartphones.
[Convenient for mobile]: Adopting plug-in power system without power supply, light weight & compact design, outstanding portability.With a wind screen to prevent noise due to wind etc., long distance recording is possible.

I think this is a good external microphone.
I bought it in the Amazon quickly.

It assembled to iPhone.
How is it? This style.

The accessory plastic tripod is poor and requires attention to usage.
I do not think I will not use it.

The main use is directional recording attached to the gimbal.

The accessory is an adapter to convert from 4 poles to 3 poles.
I think that the iPhone probably recognizes as an external microphone.
Test shooting will be done at a later date.