I’m surprised. What a expensive IC recorder. “OLYMPUS WS – 805” Price 298,000 yen! US $ 2702.86

Today, I received an IC recorder ‘s time sale invitation email from Amazon.

I am not interested in that IC recorder. However, I was surprised to see another IC recorder introduction page.

That is Price 298,000 japanese yen! US $ 2702.86 is.
There was no mistake in the information I saw.
Even more surprisingly, there are 257 reviews.

Everyone is rich …
You can buy it at Sony’s 4K video camera.
Oops, I should not double act?

Product introduction of Amazon sometimes has price mistake.
This IC recorder probably makeing a mistake in price.
I think that there is no expensive IC recorder of 300,000 yen “2,721 US dollars” is’nt it?

[amazonjs asin=”B00CU7UF4W” locale=”JP” title=”【Amazon.co.jp限定】OLYMPUS ICレコーダー VoiceTrek 4GB リニアPCM対応 FMチューナー付 GRY グレー WS-805″]
According to the introduction information of Amazon, new models have already been released.
Would you buy this expensive IC recorder?
I am not worried, I think that this wrong introduction page will disappear.
[amazonjs asin=”B072Q1RD6G” locale=”JP” title=”OLYMPUS Voice Trek ICレコーダー ホワイト V-862 WHT”]