I ate Turkey made croissant ‘TODAY Croissant, vanilla & chocolate cream taste.

I bought an Elvan croissant, vanilla & chocolate cream flavor in Amazon.

Package containing 6 pieces is large.

When opening it, it smells like hazelnut …

I confirmed that “hazelnut puree” is included in the ingredient table.
I wonder if Turkish people like hazelnuts? I thought and tried it.
World hazelnut production volume Country Ranking / Trend

This is amazing … Speaking of hazel nuts is Turkey.

I was impressed. Well, I will eat.

It is kind of amazing to think that This Croissant is came all the way to Japan.

I cut the middle of the croissant.
There was a little chocolate cream.

However, when I ate it, I had chocolate cream and vanilla cream inside properly.
The fragrance of hazelnut invites appetite.
[amazonjs asin=”B077F7BRNQ” locale=”JP” title=”クリート エルバン(Elvan) クロワッサン バニラ&チョコ 270g(45g×6個)×2袋”]