Add-on software “uBlock Origin” outstanding for advertisement elimination in YouTube playback

When we are watching videos with YOUTUBE, advertisements may appear on the way.
Well, personally, I think that it is good to see advertisements.
However, I do not want to see advertisements that are not interested.

So, I am using ad blocking add-on software.

Since I am using Firefox, addon software is using “uBlock Origin”.

If you think that it is advertisement you do not want to see, click the uBlock icon.
You can specify the location of the advertisement you want to erase.
After that, click the uBlock setting button so that it is hidden.

It is quite refreshing, so it is recommended.

And one point of note.
Even if you pressed the Register button on the WEB Registration Form etc. an error occurred.
uBlock Origin may be affected in some cases.
Are you funny? Try turning off uBlock Origin once, please update the registration form.

Add for chrome uBlock Origin

Add for Firefox uBlock Origin