BitZeny Mining It was 3.25 BitZeny on the second day. and I will write a little about what I came up with.

I used to play online games before.
At that time, the PC was online for 24 hours.
Likewise, I made it online for 24 hours with BitZeny mining.
As a result of two days, I got 3.25 BitZeny.

If 1 BitZeny is about 20 yen, it is about 65 yen.

I can not judge that my idea is still good or bad.

There are two kinds of mining.
One is “pool mining” to mining with the team.
Another is “solo mining” to mining alone.

I tried both.
The mining program is the same.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages of “solo” and “pool” respectively.

BitZeny performs mining on the web.
As I examined, there were a lot of web sites to conduct mining.
Some mining sites are crowded.

A crowded mining site can not be registered.
BitZeny Mining Pool – 大人の自由研究BitZeny mining site isPages that can check crowded conditionis.
Apparently, even if we cooperate and mining, if there are a lot of people working, efficiency seems to be declining.

By the way, according to information, “LA Bitzeny Pool” has many miners.
This is that the site operated mining early. Also, I think that the method of registering the mining site was introduced to many people.

WEB mining site is a similar program.
However, server facilities and fees are different.
Please register with the web mining site that matched yourself.

By the way, my blogging PC is old Pentium 1.8 GHz 2 core.

Even Pentium PC can be mined.
However, there were no mining results in a short time.
Intel’s i5 class CPU or higher is required for mining.

I registered with「BitZeny BluePool」.
This WEB mining site is new and there are few registrants. I registered the test.
Test mining was also possible with the Pentium CPU.

“BitZeny BluePool” can check the data of the miner.

There is time when not mining.
It ended the mining software when watching You Tube.