Is Family Mart’s Premium sandwich”deep fried pork fillet cutlet sandwich”(450 yen including tax) tastier than Seven Eleven’s “Soft deep fried pork loin cutlet sandwich”(368 yen including tax)?

This time, I bought Family Mart’s Premium sandwich “deep fried pork fillet cutlet sandwich”.

Both have a difference between loin and fillet.
Generally fillet meat is expensive.

Family Mart’s Premium sandwich “deep fried pork fillet cutlet sandwich”.
Calories are 627 kcal
Carbohydrate 73.7 g
Protein 24 g

So I tried out the contents.

Oh! There is Bread crust · · ·
This is the cause of increasing the amount of calories and carbohydrates.
I like sandwiches without Bread crust, so I personally have a negative point …

And I took the first piece.
Hmm? It is light.
I initially thought that the whole was heavy …

No way …
This is not good …
This sandwich has little content inside.

Well, if Familymart, I thought it was about this level.
And I ate a bite, but the mouth became the mustard ‘s taste.

It is good to paint mustard with sauce.
But this is no source, mustard only …
This is a Russian roulette sandwich …

I checked the piece on the other side.

There are few sources and many mustards.

After all, except for the main sandwich, there are few sauces and ingredients.
This texture is crumblingbe dried out ..
Moreover, since there is Bread crust, fillet cutlet has unexpected chewiness, fillet cutlet ruined …

Ah … … My tongue is still spicy.
I will not buy it again.