BitZeny mining situation

This is BitZeny mining situation of i5 CPU PC.
Well, do you think this is going well?

However, I think PC is 24 hours online is not good.
One of the reasons is temperature control.
The CPU will become hot when calculating it.
Cool down does not need to worry in winter. However, CPU is concerned about high temperature in hot summer.

i5PC is a sub PC, it is not I used.
However, using the application at the same time, I think that CPU fever will continue.

This morning, when I shut down my PC, I was surprised that the room became quiet.
I felt the motor sound of the cool down fan of the PC is noisy.

I updated Fire Fox of WEB browser a while ago.After that, I resumed mining at BitZeny mining site “BluePool”.

My PC program is steadily mining.