I thought it was delicious. FamilyMart’s new product “Apple’s bread that can be divided into small pieces”

On my way home from shopping, I stopped by my neighborhood Convenience store.
I found red bread in the wagon in front of the sweets bread corner in the store.

Right now, the shop is a season with a lot of strawberry food.
I thought it was a strawberry bread, but it was an apple bread.

“Apple’s bread that can be divided into small pieces”
(New release) Seal is also posted it.
The manufacturer is Yamazaki made bread.
I decided to buy it.

The calorie is 295 kcal.
Carbohydrate is 48.4 g.
It is normal as sweet bread.

I tried taking it out of the package.

Green is leaves, red is the peel of apples. And I think that white represents fruit pulp.

I tried dividing bread into small pieces with fingers.
Then apple jam appeared from bread.

The taste is not bad. It might rather be delicious.
By the way, there was another bread that looked delicious.
It is bread wrapped in red biscuits like an apple, but I have not bought it.
I will buy it next time.