Can you look like art in monochrome photography of a compact digital camera?I shot black and white with auto shooting of Sony compact digital camera.

Our naked eye is watching color images, monotone images do not have sufficient visual information.
When we look at black and white photos, we imagine missing information in the brain.
Then, I feel that it is a picture of a good impression.
It is mysterious.

It is a building of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office in Shinju-ku Ward.
In black-and-white photos, I feel like an illustration.

The street trees have fallen due to winter.
They are only branches.

I went to Shinjuku Central Park.
There was a resting place for lunchtime which is open from 11 o’clock to 15 o’clock.
This place has a chair and table.
And it is being cleaned very beautifully.

And there was a sparrow in this place.
They seem to be waiting for meals that lunch time users will give.