I learned that Turkish nickname is croissant. “TODAY Croissant”

It is a sweet of Turkey made croissant “TODAY Croissant” which I ate the other day.

The Japanese pronounce croissant as “ku ro watts san”.
But native pronunciation is croissant.

“Croissant” I have heard it somewhere.

I remembered. It is this.
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Besides, I learned the nickname of Turkey for the first time.
The flag of Turkey is crescent design.

In addition, I learned the knowledge of croissant.
When the shape of the croissant of bread is the crescent shape of the moon.
Margarine is used as a material for croissants.

When the shape of the croissant of bread is diamond.
Butter is used as a material for croissants.
Diamond shaped croissant is called “croissant au beurre” and it is a butter croissant.

“Today Croissant” is a diamond shaped, but margarine is used.
Small amounts of butter are included.

However, the package illustration is “crescent type”.
This is a croissant containing margarine. I think that is correct.
And Importer ‘sCleat Co., Ltd.had an accountin Amazon.

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