A story that I thought interesting to the concept of JPY mining.

There is a chat corner on the virtual currency exchange of WEB that I use.
In a conversation in chat someone said “I am mining JPY.”
I did not know what “JPY mining” is.

I have read the chat conversation for a while.

In conversation, “earning money in Japan with” working “” sparing “is called” JPY mining “.

I thought “This is interesting”.
Actually, getting points by shopping, buying goods with discounts etc.
I think that smart shopping and discount points are to leave money.

As a result of these, I thought that the remaining money was “JPY mining”.

I always think that wasting money is not good.
But … Well, I will waste it.

It is “delicious food”, “new product” and so on.

I think that I do not have the essence of “JPY minor”.

In recent years. I am using electronic money.
I use real money at 100 yen shop etc.
I do not carry my real money wallet either.
I use is the stampcase is my coin wallet
I think the stamp case is suitable for “coin size” and “quantity”.