I went to the northern side observatory of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office so I took a picture.

I climbed up the free observation deck of Tokyo Metropolitan Government building in Shinjuku.
These are the pictures I took at that time.

Beneath is Shinjuku Central Park.

It seems that the house continues to a mountain in the distance.

When the weather is good, I can see Fuji Mountain in this direction …
Unfortunately, I can not see Fuji Mountain today,because there are clouds in the distance.

You can see that a little tall building is built along the main street.

In the center of Tokyo, buildings and houses are dense …

Thsi is a cloudy part that is visible in the back left.
I shot with zooming in focus on the digital camera.

If my memory is right, this picture is taken in the direction of Nakano station.

A model of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government was exhibited, but I am disappointed with a slightly unfavorable exhibition …
What is it? Cheap desk light on the right side …

On the first floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, huge hands of great luck were exhibited.
In Japan, this is called “KUMADE”.
It write this spelling of “KUMADE” as a bear’s hand.
This type of “KUMADE” is believed to be an auspicious item.

There was a symbol of Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games to be held in 2020.

I would like to go to the observatory in the south next time.