Is it beautiful so far without flash light? I have taken a picture of the city at night using the premium automatic auto shooting of Sony Compact Digital Camera DSC – WX350.

The Sony compact digital camera DSC-WX350 is said to be a camera that can take beautiful night view.
How beautiful can you shoot?
I took a picture using the DSC-WX 350 while taking a walk in the city at night.

First of all, I shot with basic automatic setting.
The flash light of the camera glowed with automatic setting.
As a result of the test shooting, I thought that the picture can shoot beautifully the picture of the premium automatic auto shooting without using the flash light.
Then, please see the picture of the city in the late night I took.

Screen ratio is 16: 9 wide screen this time.
※ We are all lightweight by resizing.

Test 1. I shot using flash light.

Test 2. I shot with premium automatic auto settings.

Premium auto shooting is combines dark images and bright images into a beautiful picture.
I thought by looking at these pictures.
If you can shoot a picture brightly without using a flashlight, feel that shooting can be done with confidence.