My recent routine work is touch the poster of the Cat,at BIC CAMERA on the Akasaka Mitsuke station. That poster’s cat name is “FUTEnyan”.

I often use BICcamera at Akasaka Mitsuke station.
There is a big cat Ad poster on the ceiling of the first floor escalator of the shop.
Ceiling Ad design is Ymobile’s famous cat “FUTEnyan”.
The poster is a picture of FUTEnyan facing the front.

There is a catch phrase “Communication fee goes down” there.
This is related to the descent of the elevator heading to the first floor.
This poster … It is cute that the expression of the cat looks seriously.

One day, when I extended my left hand to the ceiling, I could touch FUTEnyan’s right front paw.

It was just that, but I became a habit, I am touching the right front paw of a cat every time.

I will say for your precaution. There is no occur that Good luck to you, therefore you do not have to copy this behavior.
Because this is important, I say it again.

Especially. . . Please do not copy.

Oh, by the way.
I call a cat is FUTEnyan, but my researchde his name is a talented cat, HARUMA.
He is a popular star of ZOO animal production.