New Year’s visit to Ikegami Honmonji. Omikuji was Daikichi for the third consecutive year.

I went to the house of my friend living in Ikegami for the New Year ‘s greetings.

Speaking of Ikegami. Honmonji is a very famous temple.

Today is still “January 3rd” Sanga – Nichi “so many people came to New Year ‘s Worship.

This is the “NIchiren Shounin” statue.

The blue sky will be fresh feelings.

I went to the Omikuji shop after finishing my worship.

I buy Omikuji only once a year.

3 years ago
“Oh!, it is rare, Daikichi lucky” frankly cheers.
2 years ago
“Oh?, this year again, Daikichi. Service is good,” smilingly worshiped.

This year.
Shake the wooden barrel and take out the number stick.
Besides, by chance, the neighbor also took out the same number stick.
(Wow … it is amazing, what a coincidental number.)
Then the salesperson handed over the Omikuji.
She said “congratulations”

What if I am Daikichi for 3 consecutive years …?

For a moment, I thought that I was all thingus Daikichi.
But that was different.
When I looked around, there were men of “Kyou” and men of “Syoukichi”.
Also, when I saw places that would lead to bad Omikuji tied I saw that there were bad sanmaku because many were tied.

Well, since I was a good luck this year, it would be nice to have good things.
However, there is also a theory that the fortune will go down if you draw Daikichi in one opinion.
Attention is necessary.