My recommend YouTuber. “Spiritual science research team” changed its name to “SKT spiritual science research team”.

They are YouTuber who has not many subscribers yet.
However, I am watching every time it is interesting delivery contents.

October 2017. When I wrote my blog last time, the number of subscribers was about 1800 people.

About three months have passed since then.
Currently, their number of subscribers is 2141 people.
Their subscribers have increased by over 300 people. …

This year, their team name has been changed from “Spiritual Science Investigation Corps” to “SKT心霊科学調査隊 “SKT Spiritual Science Investigation Corps”.
They became friendly and easy to call “SKT”.
The theme of the movie taken by “SKT” is “to shoot psychic phenomena with a camera”
However, they plan to deliver other themes this year.
I am looking forward to their challenge.

However, there is one thing I am worried about a bit.
The address where they live is parting far.

They are two places, northern Kanto area and Kyushu area.

I think it is hard for them to do a mission together.
They tested live web distribution at the end of last year.
I’d like to watch exchange videos in the future.