I bought a self-taking light for smartphone at 252 yen and attached it to a gimbal

I was looking for an LED light for movie shooting, and I found a cheap item of 252 yen at Amazon.

This is a mini LED light that plugs into the earphone jack of the smartphone and is used for auxiliary lighting.

This is a cheap LED light.
I bought three pieces considering the case of defective products.
This is the LED light that arrived.

The 16 LED lights glowed brightly when the switch was turned on.I am lucky.
The main body is light and bright. Adjustment is high, medium, low. It is quite good.

So, I processed it soon.
I will make a hole in the iPhone case made 100 yen modified by me.
Insert the LED light jack into the hole.

When mounted to a gimbal like this

It was reasonable to be able to power up gimbal with 500 yen.