January 22, 2018. Tokyo was covered with snow.

It snowed in Tokyo unusually.

This is a picture of the Akasaka Mitsuke station where snow is falling. The time is before 8 pm.

It is “AKASAKA HITOTSUKI DOHRI” street of downtown area well known in Akasaka.
The trees on the street were transformed into snow – capped trees.

The car that runs slowly was wearing a tire chain.

Next day. It is morning of 23rd.
The snow had already begun to melt.
I took a picture of interesting scenery.

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“Oh, nobody’s footprints are there,” I thought. But that was a grave.

I wanted to take another good view and went to the park.

An unnamed work made of snow. The table in the park is a museum.

Is this a Teddy bear? a dog?

Many fallen leaves were hidden by white snow.

There is snow on the table in the park. interesting.

I went shooting the snow scene of the shrine.

However, there was already little snow.

Miniature Dachshund is moving in the snow.
But he can not move forward.

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BGM = “Forest health examination” copyright Free BGM site HURT RECORD from KEITA work