A story about making a 4K action camera adapter for gimbals for smartphone. The budget was 100 yen.

Previously, I made an adapter to attach action cameras to smartphone gimbals with a budget of 200 yen.
At that time, I bought a preliminary 100 yen iPhone case.
This was not used.
But I noticed some accessories with a 4K action camera.

It is not a waterproof case.
Parts to attach the main body with holders with clips.

When assembled, it looks like this.

Looking at the back of this part, I felt that I could use fixed claws.
I tried processing 100 yen iPhone case.

Simply opened the holes of the fixed claw like the position of the action camera.

I try to set fixed claw together.

A claw entered the hole.

Attaching an action camera will look like this.

The installation of the gimbal is the same size as the case for the smartphone so there is no problem.

I turned on the power switch and tested it.
The gimbal’s motor does not produce strange sounds either.
Gimbal moves smoothly.

Gimbal for smartphone was a story corresponded to the action camera.
The budget was 100 yen for material cost.