Lighting to mount on gimbals for smartphone. Is this impossible?

It is personal impression. I think that purchasing a smartphone gimbal “Smooth-C” is the correct answer.

Besides smart phones, I was able to mount an action camera on a gimbal.
Also I could mount a small LED lighting.

But … when I took a picture in a darker place, I was thinking what type of lighting could be used.
This is the item I looked for in the Amazon catalog.

The reason I thought that was good is that the tripod hole is on the top and bottom.
This can be mounted directly on the Gimbal’s smartphone adapter.

Another item I think is good is this.
Lightweight and rechargeable. It can be used as a video light.

But, the light for bicycle purchased the other day.
This is also bright light with 1200 lumens.
I thought that I could use it for video shooting.

I thought so, I mounted it on a gimbal.

There is a screw hole for the tripod at the bottom of the gimbal.JOBY Flexible Mini Tripod was attached and it was held with the feet of a meander.
Naturally bright.
Also, the top heavy gimbal was able to get a perfect balance.

So I tried to mount the headlight on the head part.
Knightley’s 200 lumen head light

I tried lighting both lights in the dark.
It was a very intense lighting.
Next time, I will test how bright a picture can be taken during good weather at night.