I found an interesting 4K video camera. Besides, it’s 14,999 yen with night vision …

I am considering buying a JVC Victor outdoor video camera at Amazon …
While I was searching various things, I found an interesting video camera.
Andoer HDV-534K digital 4K video camera

Sensor: Panasonic 34110, adopted 13 MP CMOS sensor
Lens: f = 7.36 mm, F 3.2
Screen: 3 inch touch screen
Video resolution: 4 K (2880 * 2160) 24 fps (interpolation), (2560 * 1440) 30 fps, (1920 * 1080) 60/30 fps, (1280 * 720) 60/30 fps
Function: WiFi, vibration isolation, 16 times zoom, face detection, motion detection, date stamp

It’s 4K movie shooting …
Zoom is digital zoom, so I can not hope for beauty, but it seems interesting as it can be operated with WiFi application.
A 64 GB memory card is sold separately.
It seems that it costs about 10,000 yen plus, but it is good that the total budget is not 30,000 yen.
There is no impression on You Tube, so if you can introduce someone to use it, it is subject to purchase …


Andoer HDV-534K デジタル 4K ビデオカメラ

センサ:パナソニック34110、13MP CMOSセンサ採用
レンズ:f = 7.36mm、F3.2
ビデオ解像度:4K(2880 * 2160)24fps(補間)、(2560 * 1440)30fps、(1920 * 1080)60 / 30fps、(1280 * 720)60 / 30fps

You Tubeにインプレッションが無いから、誰か紹介してくれて使えそうなら購入対象なんだよなぁ・・・