I took a bicycle and went to visit Tanashi Shrine. I took a picture of “SENKAWA JYOUSUI river” on the way.

At the one nightday, I went to Tanashi Shrine.
But, today’s weather is good so I decided to go in the daytime and went out by bicycle.

There are a lot of flue gas in the big street.
I ran as it searched for a Local back roads.
I noticed that “SENKAWA JYOUSUI river” can run side by side in the direction of Tanashi city.
So, I ran slowly.

I feel like a small river.

The river was dirty a little after the rain on the previous day.

But the wonderfulness that the carp is swimming in places that are visible nearby.

On the way “KOUSHIN” bridge, I have read origins and the like.

Today ‘s Tanashi Shrine had a lot of people.

I shot video of iPhone using gimbal.