The trade-in price of iPhineSE was 14,000 yen (0 yen in case of submersion) · · ·

iPhone’s new product, iPhone 8 will be released on September 22. iPhoneX will be released on November 3.
Because camera performance is attractive, I think I want it, but the price is high …
The price is about the same as 4K video camera.
Of course, I think that I am natural.
The iPhone can shoot 4K video with built-in camera. And it’s easy to edit with applications.

Well, I think that it is unlikely that I will not use the iPhoneSE I have now, rather than that.
When I trade-in iPhoneSE, I thought how much it would cost, looked for Apple’s trade-in WEB page.
However, I could not find the trade-in price of my iPhoneSE.

On this WEB site, the purchase price of iPhone 6s is a maximum of 23,500 yen.
Well, I thought that this degree was the upper limit.
I assessed iPhineSE at another purchase site was 14,000 yen …

In the case of water wetness, submersion, the assessed amount is 0 yen.
Well, that’s right.

If it is this feeling, is it going to go up to 20,000 yen or not going?