The phenomenon that the drive is pressed at the giga unit temporary file tmpm – 0x0000000000000001 occurring in MMCS in CloudKit ‘s iCloud Photos has been solved.

Today as well, after starting up the PC and using it for a while, I thought that “Ah, a huge temp file is being generated again” and confirmed the folder where the problem occurred.

It is done …
Moreover, every few minutes.

I thought this was bad.
I have searched for “tmpm – 0x0000000000000001” with google.
Then, the solution method was explained to the overseas WEB site.
I was relieved to find it easily unexpectedly.

The solution was simple.

Start the iCloud application installed on my computer.
Since there is “photo” in the menu, just uncheck the sync checkbox.

This no longer creates useless temporary files in MMCS.
It feels good at an early resolution.