iCloud temporary files are overloading hard disks in Giga units【C:Users***AppDataLocalApple IncCloudKitiCloud PhotosMMCS】

* Problem solved「The phenomenon that the drive is pressed at the giga unit temporary file tmpm – 0x0000000000000001 occurring in MMCS in CloudKit ‘s iCloud Photos has been solved.

The computer I currently use is using SSD for C drive.
Since the capacity is 256 GB, we maintain a state where there is no hindrance to the system.
However, today, the free space of the drive suddenly becomes dangerous level …

I was surprised.I checked the status of C drive with online free software “ DriveAnalyzer

The User folder has 182.73 GB …
Looking at the contents, the user folder is large.

AppData seems to have 170.74 GB of data.

In addition, 153.29 GB of data is stored in Local.

Apple Inc …

What is CloudKit?

iCloud Photos · · · · · · · · ·?


Apparently, it seems like this is the culprit who made C drive red.

When opened in Explorer, temporary files in giga units were created in a short time.

A similar question was issued in Apple’s official community, but there was no reply yet.

HDDが容量不足になる (CloudKitiCloud PhotosMMCS)
PC起動直後には,HDDに100GB以上の空き容量があるにも関わらず.私用していると C:UsersOwnerAppDataLocalApple IncCloudKitiCloud PhotosMMCS 配下に,1GB前後や,ものによっては 2GB前後のファイル(:tmpm-0x000000000000000x)が頻繁に多数作成され,HDDを圧迫し PCの容量不足により,アプリケーションも起動できない状況に陥ります.対処方法を教えてください.
投稿日 2017/10/27 05:03

Well, it’s a temporary file, so I think it will disappear, but I do not know for what reason it will happen.
We can not respond yet.
I need to gather information a little more.